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      Sorry but by emergrating you're basically turning your back on UK by deciding Australia can provide a beter way of life for you and your family but you still expect them to pay you family allowance?

      Yes you could pretend you were returning in less than 12 months but as you know you won't be (why else would you go to all the trouble of Immigration and visa process) but that would be fraud. Seems you want your cake and eat it too. You can't just pick and choose which country you like for which benefits you the best.
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      Quote Originally Posted by Richard & Amanda View Post

      I was under the impression you could still claim family allowance for 12 months ir the move isn't permanent.

      I was considering letting them know I was leaving for no more than 12 months and then possibly returning to the uk. In this situation they have to keep paying the allowance to you.

      I will then after 12 months let them know it is my intention to remain in Oz. This means I don't have to do too long in oz without any money!

      Hi I was thinking of doing exactly the same!!!My friend did and got away with it!But it's has to be upto the individual if they want to take the risk!I'm panicking coping without my benefit already which comes in so handy with having 4 kids!Believe me it will be missed!

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      Tend to agree with BJF on this one. You are deciding that Australia is your new country so why would you want to claim from your old one even if it is hard to begin with financially?
      People may think that they've 'got away with it' but as mentioned before certain records are passed between Oz and UK and vice versa so it could take a couple of years before they realise and catch up with you. As you say though depends if you are prepared to take the risk so up to the individual.
      Think that DVLA were or are one of the official bodies that you need to inform when you move and that it used to be an offence if you didn't. We weren't sure on the advice so I did telephone DVLA and advised them that I was leaving UK, so how did we stand on not being able to give them a forwarding address as it wasn't in the UK. They then confirmed that I had to put it in writing. We hadn't bothered when we lived in Spain but as we weren't going to being going back to UK so often, did as I was told but again up to the individual and not sure if this still stands anyway.

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      After reading some of the above threads, i contacted the DVLA via email and this is the response i had.

      "As you will no longer be resident in Great Britain, you should contact the Australian Licensing Authorities regarding driving there and/or exchanging your British licences.
      Should you exchange your British licences for Australian licences, the Authorities will return your licences to us.
      If you return to Great Britain as residents in the future, you will be able to exchange Australian licences back to British licences.
      As full licence holders, you should contact one of the following organisations to enquire if you will need to obtain International Driving Permits in order to drive in Australia :-
      National Breakdown Recovery Club.

      You do not have to be a member of these organisations to be issued with the IDP. They will also be able to advise you regarding driving abroad.
      For further information please contact the AA on the following number:-
      08705 500600 or

      e-mail them on:- customer.services@theaa.com
      RAC on
      0800 55 00 55 or check their website

      Contact details for the other motoring organisations listed above are available from Directory Enquiries and Yellow Pages.

      As we know we can already drive in Adelaide by just taking our Licence in i will not be contacting anybody that they mention.

      Also we went to our local Inland Revenue Office today and asked them if we needed to do anything for them. They gave us a Form P85 to complete and hand back with our P45. This is only to see if they owe us any money. They said that as far as they are concerned this is the only thing that we need to do and this is only a matter of choice.

      Obviously, if claiming any benefits of any kind i woul expect there to be more to be done.

      Hope this helps.

      Emma and James

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      uk benefits

      Quite a few years ago I went to tunisia for 8mths with my kids, told child benefit - it was basically an extended holiday/to do with university studies etc as it was - they continued to pay me, i informed them i was back etc and had no problems.
      However they did say if i was moving to live permenantly i need to inform them as my benefit will stop - but there is/was a 'clause' in that you can be out of the uk for upto 3 mths and still be eligable for child benefit - so in effect you could claim the benefit for 3 mths after you have gone - how you go about telling themthen that you have gone then is your decision etc.
      (i got confused - not too hard i must say - cos you can go for 3 mths etc but i went for 8)

      a friend gets disability benefit - she jets off here and there all the time - shes told the benefit office and as long as she declares any absense over 6 weeks shes fine - they said she would get the first 6 weeks if she was abroad but any longer they would stop it from the 6th week...

      I'll be sending letters to anyone/everyone when i leave - if they dont deal with it im afraid its their problem...
      On another note - my electric supplier owes me 130 - advisor told me it could take couple of months to receive my money - so ive canx my dd to them - figure i'll use that much between now and April.


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