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    Thread: Is it worth taking a car to OZ

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      Is it worth taking a car to OZ

      I have been searching various sites over the last few days and am just going round in circles! Can anyone who has shipped their car over please give me their opinion.
      We have a 56 plate Toyota Rav4 in v.good condition - due to the poor 2nd hand car market here in the UK I think we would be lucky to get 8k for it if we sold it. It has 48k on the clock and is the manual petrol XT3 5 door model. We have owned it for over 12 months. I have looked at carsforsale.com.au and the nearest thing to it is over $16k australian dollars and it has 80 mms on the clock. I was just wondering if it would be worth our while and how long you wait for it at the other end. Is it best to ship it with all our furniture or is it cheaper to ship it on its own?
      Any help and advice would be appreciated - we are trying to organise so much just now I think my head is going to explode!!

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      I would say no. Unless you have a european car such as BMW, Volvo, etc it is not worth it. There are a million Rav 4's over here and it would not be worth it for the resale value what you would have to pay in taxes etc.
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