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      Upsy Daisy

      Skills assessment - HELP!

      Hope someone can help with this one...!

      My OH is in ICT and he is going to be the main applicant. His skills assessment will be done by the ACS (Australian Computer Society). He was told by a work colleague that if he becomes a member of the BCS (British Computer Society), he would have a better chance of passing the skills assessment.

      Has anyone heard of this at all? Is it true? The tight-wad wants to know before he shells out 88 to join

      Thank you!!!!! x

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      The ACS used to accept BCS membership but no longer do unfortunately, you can get approval with MCSE certification which I think counts for a Group B approval.

      The other option is Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), you need to have been in IT for over 7 years and send detailed documentation to prove experience in certain areas, more details are on the ACS website - http://www.acs.org.au/index.cfm?acti...killassessment

      This is also a good source of info for the RPL - http://www.rplhelp.co.uk/ - as it looks a bit of a nightmare to complete, thankfully I got through on my MCSE.

      Good Luck


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