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    Thread: Parents finaly except our moving

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      Our first trip to Adelaide to visit the family made a huge difference. Once we could actually see them all in their lovely new home, be assured how well they had settled in, enjoy sharing in the great life the girls had (now 5 & 8) and see how much less stressed the life/work balance was, we relaxed and accepted this really was the best descision for them. We can't wait to join them soon even though it has cost us a huge amount of our retirement savings. Hopefully our only son (and last remaining member of our family) may decide to come out one day too!

      Good luck to all of you leaving parents, family and friends behind - its never easy but you do eventually learn to cope with separation. (Skype helps) Hopefully some of them will be able to visit one day.
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      Quote Originally Posted by churchj1 View Post
      When we told our parents it was like someone had stolen all the oxygen out of the air!! Awful!! It took a long time for them to come to terms with things and even now almost 3 years after we moved, and them both being over to visit, they still ask if we would come home every now and again. Having said that they are now fully aware of why we wanted this and the benfits it has had on our girls and wholly support our decision to give our girls what we think is the best life for them. My sister took the news the worst of all and she didn't speak to me for many months though we are now close again. Most things sort themselves out in time, we have to give our families time to grieve, as they are in esscence losing us and even though its only a day away, many parents fell they won't be able to make the journey (which is what both our mums said and theyve both been, Rich's mum twice and my mum is coming next week for the 2nd time)
      Most of our close family have since visited us and more plan to in the future, we went back to the UK after 2 years here in Aus, and we knew immediately that it was the best thing we had done in emigrating and couldn't wait to get back to Aus!
      Skype is an amazing tool an email helps too. Without that I'm not too sure how our parents would have coped (or us in the early days) but nowadays, we skype twice a week wednesdays and sundays and phone for a natter once a week which to be honest is sometimes more than we spoke at home!!! :-)
      Nobody ever has the intention of hurting loved ones when moving abroad, but inevitably we are an emoional species and there will always be hard times. You will deal with them and move on and when you are here and you are busy with your lives (which will be exactly the same as in the UK, ie work, cooking, cleaning, boozing,holidays etc etc) you will find yourself with little time to worry about the people you have left behind in the UK. You have to remember too that those loved ones will carry on with their lives from the minute you leave, and they will also be too busy to think that it is all doom and gloom.
      Good luck
      JC x
      Thanks for this post...i am really in a quandry...passed ielts in july but we will be leaving my twin sis and my dad behind if we def decide to go...this is messing with my head so much that iam stalling the visa application...i dont want to mess up my future and that of my hubby n kids just cos iam too nervous to take the plunge!!!!


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