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    Thread: Taking jewelry safely

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      Taking jewelry safely

      Does anyone know the best way to take valuable items like jewelry - obviously I can't ship it and the jewelry box is a bit bulky for carry-on baggage, but checked-in seems a bit risky. Should I get special insurance?

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      Certainly don't check it in - take it hand luggage - get a jewellery roll so you can stow it in the bottom of your handbag quite easily or something? Then the empty box can go in checked in luggage, and all the actual jewellery is nice and safe. I'm sure 99.9% of airport workers nowadays are wonderfully honest, but all it takes is for your baggage to come in contact with that .1% and its all gone - even though most of my jewellery is more sentimental than expensive I wouldn't risk it.

      Obviously, if you are the queen of sheba and have piles of jewellery you may need to share it around all members of your party, but imho its just not worth letting anything that is small and worth lots of money out of your sight.
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      Thanks for that - I'd never even heard of a 'jewellery roll' - what a good idea - and now I know how to spell Jewellery properly too!
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      As a cheap home-made roll, just use a hand towel, lay out all your jewellery on it, and roll it up. You may want some sort of zipped bag for the earrings, or hook them through the towel, and then put the rolled towel inside a bag so nothing can escape.
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