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      Smile Moving to Adelaide April/May 2012 as permanent residents, my Mum wants to come too!


      Just joined today, Hello

      My husband has secured a job in Adelaide and the company are sorting out the premanent residency visa. My husband was born in South Africa and I was born in New Zealand, we both have british passports and one for the countries we were born in too. My Mum is a widow and can't bear to be apart from me but most importantly my two kids, who she see's every day and to be honest we couldn't cope without her, she's a massive support for us too. She lived and worked in New Zealand for 7 years but didn't take out citizenship and her brother still lives there. Does anyone know the best and quickest way to get my Mum to come with us? My brother would still be in the UK but is currently looking for jobs in Adelaide so is planning on moving too. She currently works for the Social Work Dept but turns 60 next year so the chances of her getting a job over there are slim and she won't receive an aussie pension so will need to live off her UK pension and savings but we'll help her out if it comes to it. The most important thing is that we can get her out there with us. Has anyone else been in this situation and could give me some advice? She isn't finanically dependant on us so we couldn't really go down the dependant visa route.....my head is buzzing with all the differnt visas. My husband has family in Adelaide too!

      Also whilst I'm on, any suggestions for suburbs that are great for young familes, single grannies who loves socalising, golfing & the arts and with good schools, my son will start next year. We love the outdoors, having BBQ's (when we can) and watching the rugby with a few beers!

      Can't wait to get there, need to do a few car boot sales first though to get rid of all our junk!!


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      Have a look at threads by Gollywobbler. Plenty of threads on parent visas and the like


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      with you and your brother moving to adelaide will be something that will help her get a visa, i'd look into that and how that can help.
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