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      Medicals advice

      I am wanting to have another baby before going to Australia (time is not on my side). Would you recommend me having medical now (in process of applying for state sponsorship) as obviously I won't be able to have it when I am pregnant and this would delay my visa application ?

      If so, can you recommend a website where i can find locations where i can get this done please ?


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      List of current doctors here:
      (Don't know where you are in the country, but we went down to Maidenhead rather than use Birmingham just down the road, and I'm really glad we did - review and details on our blog)

      With regards to when you get your medical done, I guess if you want to go asap and know you won't be delayed at all, then it would make sense in a way - you only have 12 months to validate from the date of your ACRO or medical (whichever is sooner) from what I've heard, so you could chance it - budget 8 weeks for SS, then 6 weeks for getting a CO after lodging 176 (its not that long, but to over budget is a good thing here imho), and then its just a case of getting all your things to your CO.

      From the way our CO has worded things, I have a feeling she would have preferred it if we had front loaded everything - less chasing for her I guess, and they are getting used to people being more and more informed of the process (I'm guessing from forums like this getting better and better and more people using them) so know that most people actually know what they are doing once they lodge.

      However, if you are at all unsure about timings, it may be better to wait - having said that - if you get the medical done now, and then you don't manage to fall pregnant by the time you have a CO, and its a bit down the track, you could always have another medical done - it is 200, but sometimes thats a small price to pay for piece of mind - I know for us its a lot of money on one hand, but going slightly mental costs a lot more! Alternatively, look at the general timelines for getting CO etc, and think if a couple of months will make much difference to starting to try for baby or not?

      Just a few thoughts there anyway - just wanted to say, none of them are recommendations though, its a huge choice either way, and as I haven't had any little ones yet not one I feel qualified to really recommend either way :) Good luck with everything :)
      Our 33,000km ish trip around Oz - have a look here (also good for tips on equipment and holiday places ) Our moving and living here blog :)



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