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    Thread: Change of plans...

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      Change of plans...

      Hi to all,

      We have had a change in our travelling plans... We had our flights (one way) and short term rental booked for the 8th of December 2011, however, after we had a family gathering this weekend celebrating the OH's 40th, the family realised that we will not be spending Christmas with them this year!!!
      Although the rest of our family (parents, brother, sister and in-laws) were fully aware that we were leaving in December, they just assumed that we would stay for Christmas and because everyone were still secretly hoping that we will change our minds re the whole migration. It was one of those subjects that has not been discussed since May 2011 when we received our grant, although we as a family, went ahead with all our planning.
      We will now depart on the 1st of December and return to Cape Town on the 22nd to celebrate Christmas with the family and we then leave on the 29th of December (one way)! However, we will still get time to sort the essentials in this time as was the plan with our previous departure date. which we were planning on I had so many excuses telling the family that we couldn't change our flights and if possible it will cost us a fee. I initially thought we would not get flights as this is a peak time and I was right when I contacted the airlines. However, I got a call from the airlines the next day to say there has been a cancellation and that they can accommodate us now...
      There was a change of date fee for our existing tickets, which my brother settled. He has also sorted the return flights for us, paying it in full! Very generous of him, although I don't like people sponsoring me, except the state of South Australia when it comes to our visa 176, LOL!
      Although I knew that it will be difficult for everyone to say goodbye when we leave, I never realised how bad it is affecting everyone that is staying behind. We have always been a very close family, although both my brother and sister have families and children of their own.
      I now tend to look at it this way by, at least everyone in the family is now talking about the whole Oz migration-thing, nobody is in denial anymore and slowly but surely they are getting use to the idea... In retrospect, I think it will make our going away a little easier for the left-behind family, after we have celebrated Christmas with them and least we are then send off with some kind of well wishes.

      Apologies for the ranting, but some of you on here will hopefully be able to identify with our situation!

      Good luck to all for the goodbyes when leaving!

      Keep well!

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      Karen I completely identify with you! We were planning on going in October or November and due mainly to family (Im very close to mine) we have put it off until January (8th). We have been discussing Christmas plans tonight with my parents and Chris' grandparent etc and I really think it will make a big difference for them that we are here (especially my mum!) so Im hoping we will enjoy a big family dinner (14 immediate family for dinner at moment!lol) and then set off on our new adventure!

      Goodluck with all your plans

      Helen xx

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      Hi we did that too, we had a massive Xmas and left on the 9th an 2009!! The only negative thing was that the girls got loads and loads of presents at Christmas from family they won't see for along long time so they got them Xmas morning, played with them boxing day and packed them up for shipping on the 27th!!! We left loads still wrapped up and they didn't see them again til Easter!! Rubbish Xmas for them then!!! ( but fab Easter!)
      Get ur family to get the kids Aussie $$$ so they can buy what they want when they get here.
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