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      In a big troubleeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!

      Guys my sister had sent the docs to DIAC for VETASSESS from Pakistan...There is a rule for Pakistani's that their university has to send the latest quaification docs with verifiction and sea to DIAC..i have just found out tht the docs that they had sent are incomplete...The degree and the transcript both were 2 sided documents...What my university did id that they photocopied one side of the degree as well as the transcript and didnot copy the other side...(Although the main paged were the front ones only) Because the other pages were just the grading formula and abreviations etc....So i gues they are of no use to DIAC as they already have the grading formulas and al that...But still from the candidate side the documents are incomplete...Its such a diasaster for my sister.....

      Please guide me what should she doo??? Will this affect her application???? Any negative affectsss????????????????????????????

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      Could she not send in a supporting email with the added information? And beg the university to resend the docs?

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      i think she will have to do this...but you know the uni people, they are too busy to do someone else's work again n again.. :( my sister is shattered :(


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