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      how long roughly have i got to apply under network admin?

      Hi, i realise there is probably no answer for this but would anyone know roughly how long network administrator(or any closely related i.t occupation)
      will stay on the sa list? I have not started the process yet as gathering required info for it. In the past have these occupations filled up quickly in other states.
      Just dont want to be going to the trouble of acs etc only to be told 5 months down the line that network admin is now full up.It says high availability but i wonder what the numbers are.
      If anyone has any idea that would be great as this is one of my main concerns. Maybe someone has got an answer for this already.

      Thanks very much.

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      MarK Jowett
      I think if you're serious about it you've just got to bite the bullet and start getting your skills assessed etc. If the worst comes to the worst (everyone's in the same boat remember) you can just wait till next years quota is released and hope that the job is still on (or a similar job that you can apply for). Your ACS skills assessment lasts at least 12months (i'm sure i heard somewhere it might be 2 years now) which would be ample time to cover you next july on the next list.

      the things you're thinking are the same things i've been thinking since starting this process but you've just got to go for it and hope. Chances are, if you start next month with ACS you won't even be in a position to apply for SS until jan/feb which isn't too far off the next year quota opening (if i'm right about it recycling in July).

      Some of the IT ones do go fairly quickly from what i've seen/heard but nobody knows what the levels are - and how many people are going for them so it would be difficult to answer.

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      Big Bob
      Victoria also has Networking demand other that SA. ACT list is yet to come. Make sure you have your assessment and IELTS requirements of almost 7+(except SA)...Good luck..
      Big Bob



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