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      Passed My ARTC Electrical Mechanics Application

      Hi all,

      Not been on here much lately as busy with my new job and trying to stay positive untill the house sells.

      As i posted before house sale fell through and we were going to rent it out but then decided to give the selling another try as we really dont want any ties when we do come out.

      Got a email from the TRA on Friday to confirm that my ARTC application for electrical mechanic has been granted so when we do get there just have to do a few days at PEER as i have already started on the distance learning course and then will get my A class straight away so no trades assistant working.

      Still hope to be out by xmas. Good luck to all trying to sell and good luck to all that have just arrived.
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      Good news from the TRA, another step closer to your new life.
      Fingers crossed the house sells soon, it's so frustrating when that's all that's stopping you from going isn't it? Ours is on the market too but unless someone makes an offer very soon I think our hopes of being there before xmas are disappearing.

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      Thats great news. Congratulations.



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