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      Question on work experience requirements?

      Hey guys, hoping someone here can help me with a slight dilemma regarding work experience for SS SA. According to acs website they are looking for minimum of 2 years work experience (which i dont have,i currently have 1 year).
      On the otherhand the website of SA immi are stating 12 months. Do i have to meet both these requirements? Any help much appreciated.

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      MarK Jowett
      It would probably save time if you just start PMing me your questions dingdangdoo :)

      to pass as GROUP A for the ACS skills assessment you need a ICT Major Degree and 2 years experience. If your degree is an ICT minor then you need a minimum of 4 years experience, and will be classed as GROUP B (Still a pass).

      Otherwise they can count previous experience, but since you've only got 1 years experience in your IT field then you probably don't have that.

      From reading the SA immigration website booklet it says:

      Recent Work Experience
      This requirement is separate to the need to have your skills assessed as suitable for your
      nominated occupation before you apply.

      Which says to me that as well as getting your skills positively assessed you also need to have had 12 months relevant experience within the last 24 months.


      I've not seen a minimum requirement on the SA website, but know for a fact that you have to have passed the ACS Skills assessment. Sounds like you'll have to wait 12 months. Sorry mate, I hope i'm wrong on this for your sake, but 12 months isn't that long - and in the mean time you can get everything else prepared so that you're ready to rock second time round.

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      Yes, you need the 2 years experience - whatever is the greater requirement if there are differing requirements from different places (ie SA/DIAC etc etc) then for the entire process, you need the greater requirement.

      In this specific case, as you need the ACS positive assessment before the SA SS application, you will need the two years for a positive skills assessment, then go for the SA SS application (and then onto the DIAC application).

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      MarK Jowett
      haha, yes, just seen that on Poms in Oz. Nothing wrong with getting a second opinion I suppose :)



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