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      Application question

      Hi, im wondering if anyone on this site could help. Im in the process of applying under the 475 provisional. Assuming this is granted, im wondering if anyone can tell me if the DIMIA will ask for evidence of employment by asking me to show wage slips and weather it is compulsory, or is it dome case by case ( I already have a letter from employer submitted with SA- would this be enough??)The reason im asking is Im not currently in the uk and all my payslips and bank statements are in storage.

      thanks in advance

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      Sorry can't really help. We are applying on a skilled visa and we have been told to keep pay slips incase they are required at a further stage. We have now sent all paperwork and are just waiting for the final reply. (VISA). And we have not been asked to send the wage slips off as yet.
      Sorry its not really much help.

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      Hi, We sent a copy of Stuarts latest P60 and a letter from current employer stating length of employment, your employer should have a copy of it if you cant lay your hands on it I should think. Good Luck, Fiona

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      thanks for your replies, thats a great help and releif, thanks


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