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      Lodging my SS 176 this weekend

      Hi all,

      After receiving my state sponsorship last week, I plan to lodge my 176 this weekend.

      With regards to certification of documents, is it correct that I only need to certify black and white copies and that I'll be fine to upload coloured scans straight away?

      I thought I best to ask about this seeing as quite a few folk on here having lodged their visas recently!

      Thanks in advance

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      No, you don't need to actually certify anything. If you read the wording of the advice on documents it says 'if you colour scan you do not need to certify' - IE if you scan in colour, it is easier for them to see it as it truly is, because the quality on colour scanning is better than B&W scanning capabilities. So if its got colour on it, you can colour scan it in fine. If it hasn't got colour on it, but you scan it in on a colour scanner, it is also fine.

      From everything I had read on forums I thought it was the document had to be in colour itself for it to be non-certified, but from re-reading the actual DIAC wording, and from submitting my own documents, two of which were not in colour nor had any colour on them, I've realised this isn't actually the case. One of the things I submitted was further proof that my CO requested, so if it had to be certified for being in B&W (as there was no colour on it - not the same as it being a B&W copy of the original btw), then I am sure they would have requested this. As it was they just accepted it no problem.

      I think its something that has become a given on moving to Australia forums, and no-one ever bothered to re-check DIACs actual position on it, we just all assumed that was the truth (I know I certainly did) - I didn't mean to upload B&W documents (again, that is a document that was only ever produced with no colour on it, for eg, if your company letterhead is only black and white, they don't have any colours in their logo etc NOT a black and white version of something that should have colour in it), but it just so happened that I did, without thinking about it as I wanted to get them to my CO asap, and didn't even think about their colour and whether they needed to be certified or not when I uploaded them.

      Hope that helps :)
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      Excellent reply, it cleared up everything for me, thank you very much :)



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