Hi guys my OH has put in for her visa and we have booked the medical. Now this is where we need help as the information given the by medical centre and DIAC is confusing.

We put in the application by paper and have now been given a HAP ID and have been told we are on the ehealth system - where the confusion is is that the info from the centre says if applying by paper you need forms 26/160 and 26EH/160EH. But goes on to say if using the online ehealth - you will have had to complete a online medical questionnaire. Print out the online advice which includes TRN and personal details. On a DIAC leaflet it states that if you have not lodged your application electronically your CO will have given you a HAP ID.

Can anyone please advise what they took to their medical when applying for a partner visa in the UK and had a HAP ID?

We have spoken to the medical centre and they were not overly impressed with the CO as they have said that they are not familiar with the process at the medical centres.

Also how/where can I track progress online of a partner visa? If indeed I can?