Hello to all, not posted much on our journey so far cause been terrified it would not all come together. Just a quick post to announce one more Scottish family heading to Oz.
Job offer March
457 Applied for April, withdrawn May because we applied too early
AHPRA Applicatation posted 03/08 Approved 06/10
457 re-applied 27/09 with medicals and police checks from April
457 Granted 07/10
House sold 10/08 (living in small rental)
Flights Booked Heathrow 30th November (ST ANDREW'S DAY)

Just to book shipping. Can't wait to get over there.

We are John (35) Kerry (me 33) Benjamin (4- non-stop talker) Ethan (3- testosterone overload)
and Abigail (2-Princess Ladybug)

Planning to live up north west, Semaphore, Largs, Ethelton. Any advice on areas and schools would be great. Anyone flying from Heathrow on the 30th give us a shout. It will be manic and I'm sure there will be a lot of folks trying not to sit near us so hopefully if quiet we'll get some extra seats. Flying with Singapore, heard they are very good with the kids.
Interested in meeting up with other poms when we land.
Loving the adventure so far!