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    Thread: A bit of a knock back

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      Well i'm not going to reply to each answer as it looks about 50/50 on what they said ,We were never thinking of not going out to Adelaide ,although we have never been and only know what we know through asking others, being on here and doing research on line ect.We had planned a long holiday this year going to stay in a few different citys with the longest time being in Adelaide but our visa only took 8 months from phoning the agent to being in our passports ,so for varies reasons we don't want to fly out till late may ,as we don't want to vallidate the visa till then.So thats Knackerd that up .

      Our plan was allway's to look at this as a 5 year working holiday and if it all pans out then stay longer ,I think most people will soon know whether moving to Australia is for them or not ,I would like to think it will suit us and we will be there for a long time ,but if I find Adelaide isn't for me ,we will just up sticks and try somewhere else in Oz .Ive worked All over the uk before and find I soon fit in, Vicky is a bit more nervous about the move ,as she is very close to her famliy and has been working with me for the last 8 years and isn't sure were she will fit in to the jobs market.Our oldest son Glenn is 5 in march has just started school after 4 years in nursery,having to meet new kids every day,but hes the one i'm most worried about,as hes so keen on school ,seems very bright ,which nice is a surprize as i'm not :0) and seems to be learning alot very quickly and we are just hoping all the upheaval won't cause him to much upset and that at school he want be just going over the same stuff he's already done here .
      Our yongest Alex is only 10 months and dosnt know his arse from his elbow yet ,so should soon settle in .

      So apart from the coment about throwing the sweat shirt in the bin ,which I found fairly pointless ,as it was one of the children wearing it and it had been passed down to them ,Also with moving the full lenth of the world, buying 3 and selling 2 houses, I think money was a bit tight ,great and honest thread.

      We are going to meet them again as we found we had freinds in comon ,so next time we should have more time to talk ,we also talked about buying a house ,shipping and work ,as I said the time we spent with them was only half an hour but their over all experance of Adelaide was negative and a very expensive and draining time .although they did seem a happy and close famliy,

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      With regard to the schooling, I am trying to see the positives in my son doing 18 months of reception all up. He'll do a full year here in the UK then we'll move to Adelaide and he'll most likely do 2 terms of reception there also. We are planning to put him in with his peers and he'll therefore be one of the oldest in his year if we do it this way.

      Yes he may have already covered some of the stuff in the UK, but hopefully it will be different enough that he won't mind. Also, boys usually tend to struggle more than girls in the early years of schooling so for us its not a worry if he does some stuff over again or uses those 2 terms to find his feet in the school and settle in properly before going up to year 1 the following school year. It seems to make more sense to us to allow for all those things and give him every possible advantage we can in his early schooling once in Adelaide. We'd rather do it this way and not fret over his repeating things (which in my understanding its similar but different enough to keep them interested at such a young age), just go with the flow, embrace the Aussie schooling system and count those extra 2 terms of reception as a bonus. Many SA kids do 6 terms of reception anyways due to the current intake set up, those turning 5 and starting in terms 3 or 4 then do another year at present. Its the norm but due to change in 2014 when there is one cut off point for the year and if your child birthday falls after this they won't start till the following year then.

      The thinking behind it for us is to hopefully give our son a really good grounding, the advantage of being one of the oldest in his year and we won't feel we are putting pressure on him to play catch up or throwing him in at the deep end and having him really struggle.

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      Jane & Tony
      My OH's Mum,Dad, Sister and hubby and two young children went to Adelaide 20 years ago. Mum and Dad are in their 70's now and they enjoy outdoor bowls in the sunshine. Sis has a gorgeous house and the grown up boys have had a great education. The youngest (23) works for an oil company, is married, has had his own 4 bed house built and is earning mega bucks.

      Hubby and me went to validate our visa 2 years ago. Oh is into clay shooting so our motel owner who has become a good mate (aussie) found a shooting club in Malalla, which is about 40k north of Adl. We phoned the club and they said 'it is our Cristmas shoot tomorrow, come along to that'. Well we went and they invited us for the buffet (free) Tony was lent a 10000 Browning shot gun, plus others and we have NEVER been as welcomed anywhere in the UK like that. They welcomed us with open arms and we had a great day.

      I think you choose your own path in life and if you choose to take drugs and abuse alcohol, that's up to you. I'm sure there are rough areas in Adelaide just like the UK. You need to find that out before you settle in an area.

      I have also found that a lot of people come home because they miss friends and family too much. That seems to be the biggie.

      Like someone said to me not long ago (Heaps Good)...........

      Follow your dreams.

      Good Luck.xxxxxxxxxxx
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