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      887 visa - living in Adelaide evidence - stayed with friends

      Hi,As the title says, we have been living in Adelaide now for coming upto 2yrs and would like to apply ASAP (obviously!!)My question is; since we stayed with friends for 2 months during that time will we need something to "prove" that we were here like Stat Dec from said friends?We have bills in our names coming to address and stamp in passport which shows we entered Adelaide on said date. I emailed DIAC but got a standard thing back which told me what I already knew and didn't answer the question!! Just wondering if there was anyone in the same situation who did this?Thanks,Lynsey

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      My advice would be to make sure you give the extra time - ie we went back to the UK during the time leading upto putting in for the 887 - so made sure we added that & a bit extra - we also used the school administrator to verify the lenght of time spent at schools - good luck



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