Hi Just a note of caution if you have your medicals booked at The Spire Hospital, Brentwood. Even though there is not really much choice in this area!

We have had big problems with them, firstly I work in the NHS so needed extra blood tests which we specified to them when we booked our appt, I then had to tell them again after they had taken my precious blood! that the form needed to be filled out properly - good job I knew which boxes needed to be ticked. Secondly they charged us the wrong amount then demanded the extra money nearly 2 weeks later. Thirdly and the worst they did not send my eldest sons xray form when they sent the rest of the families off to Sydney, then they realised that they had made a mistake and promptly went and sent my daughters xray form off again!! We had an email from our agent saying they were just about to grant our visas when they noticed that Joshuas form was missing. So then came several phone calls to work out what was going on. They have now sent it to Sydney - finally.
Although now we also have to re-do our police checks as they were 2 -3 weeks out of date - another 88.75, 70 certificate charge, 10 photos as we had none left! and wait for it ........ 8.75 post office postal order fee as we had no cheque book and no time to go to the bank for a bankers draft. We just want to get there now, hopefully in the new year. I feel a bit better now.