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      Artificial Christmas Trees?

      Hello - we heard the other day that we wouldn't be allowed to take our artificial Xmas tree to OZ.....along with our treasured Xmas decorations!! (could be a BIG issue in our household!!) - wondered if anyone knew if this was true and what other shipping restrictions there are....we've given up on taking the car and know the kids bikes will need to be pressure washed....is there anything else we should ditch before we ship????


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      Here's a bit of welcome news for you. We've just shipped our artificial tree and deccies, the only restriction is they must not contain things such as pine cones and dried berries etc.

      Not worth the hastle of taking garden furniture or machinery but we did take nippers small trampoline after an extensive clean.
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      Who says you can't bring the Christmas Tree and decs?

      We bought our tree and decs except my two lovely door wreaths as they had pine cones on them. You can't bring plant materials (dead or alive, old or new) but artificial are fine. We couldn't bring our wooden outdoor furniture or the kids swings or slide as they'd al been in contact with soil and may contain traces of things which could harm Australia, we did bring the kids bikes but they had to be scrubbed so clean they looked new again, much easier to clean a bike though than the tubular frame of swings and slide.

      As much as you may hate the idea of leaving some stuff behind just remember you've decided to move to Australia for a 'better' way of life. Australia is only as desease free as it is due to their strict import rules.

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      Thanks for the advice Paul & Sam. Our kids have quite a big trampoline that they want to take so we appreciate the cleaning advice - I'll get the pressure washer out in the spring then!

      Good luck with your move - hope it all goes well. We look forward to joining you in sunnier climes later this year - fingers (& toes) crossed!


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      Thanks for replying Di - much appreciated advice. We,ve got a few bikes to take with us so I can see we are going to be busy cleaning!

      Hope the move went well for you and your family...I guess from your login you have been there a little while now....any regrets?

      Cheers and have a good tomorrow!

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      Hiya Laura & Martin,

      You asked if I have any regrets? I guess that all depends on the day you ask me really, I have day's when I couldn't imagine living anywhere else (Australia I mean, not just SA) and I have day's where I could easily drive to the airport and get on the next UK bound plane but I guess most people have days like those.

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      Hi Di - yes we guess every new Pom gets their highs and lows...and some do get on that plane. Guess you just have to be aware that it's not going to be all positives... but hopefully, in the log run, that it turns out to be the right move....and we are looking forward to it!

      Take care



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