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    Thread: Need Help with Information related to First Entry in Australia!!!!

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      Question Need Help with Information related to First Entry in Australia!!!!

      Hi All,

      This is Washif from Bangladesh.
      I have just got my VISA (Oct 21st, 2011). Its under the category of VISA Subclass-475. I am the main applicant. My dependents are my Wife, Daughter and my brother. They all got VISA too.

      In VISA grant it is clearly written that "You must make your first entry to Australia before 25 January 2012. It is not possible to change this date."

      My query is,

      Do we all (all four of us) need to make entry to Australia before 25th Jan, 2012? Or is it just me need to make entry before the deadline? and my entry will be treated as their entry for other future purpose?

      I may sound funny but Im really confused about my (with my dependents) first entry in Australia. Because in my Dependent VISA it is clearly written that the VISA will be treated valid for the next 3 years from the date the main applicant first entry in Australia.

      Please someone help me with the valid answers.

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      Hi, you all have to make an entry before the date stated to validate the visa, then after this initial entry the visa is valid for three years.
      Hope this helps

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      Agree with the above.

      Its all of you have to enter Aus to validate.
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      Also you won't be able to change the date.
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      Thank you all for the reply. The information will help me a lot.

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      Hi Washif & ALL ! I hope every one is ok & doing best. I hv aplied for Skiled Visa 190. Case officer is alocated. I hv cleared my Police clearance & Medical checks. Now Final thing is that I hv to send evidence documents for my dependent brother. The requested documents are Evidence that your brother is living in your house----, financial dependent upon u for last atleast 1 year. I need reply from u , if any one has experience of such case. How can i and which documents i can provide that my brother is living in my house ? Pls. suggest & guide me. If washif tell me about his experience , it will be helpful for me as he already got visa of his brother as dependent family member. However any one answer is welcomed



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