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      Sons visa application


      Looking at relocating to Adelaide under a sponsored employer type visa. However I have a son who is currently at Uni in the UK and wishes to complete his studies which will take a further 2 or 3 years. Where does he stand regarding his own Visa. Does he have to apply for his own independently when he will be then 21 years old, or would we be able to sponsor him but he would have completed his education. Many Thanks in advice for advice

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      Assuming you're looking at a PR visa rather than the 457?
      Provided your son is still financially dependent on you and in full time education, you can include him in the application as a dependent. Once the visa is granted, he would need to validate it by visiting australia. He could then return to the UK to finish his education, and move to Australia once his course finishes, but before the 5yr "expiry" of the visa.

      Otherwise, he would have to apply for his own skilled visa once he graduates, no guarantees that he'll actually qualify for one though...

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      Hi Gibbo

      Which employer-sponsored visa do you plan to apply for? If the employer is talking about a temporary 457 visa, can you talk the employer into agreeing to an immediate RSMS visa instead?


      An RSMS visa would give you and all your Dependants immediate PR. If your son is included in this visa then all he will have to do is to visit Australia for long enough to validate his RSMS visa. He can then return to the UK to complete his education and as long as he settles in Australia within 5 years of the date of the grant of his RSMS visa, that's him sorted out once and for all. It might take him longer to qualify for Australian Citizenship than it would take you but so what?

      Also, it sounds as if he would be OK for a Resident Return Visa in due course as long as you and he both play the game:


      LOADS of people living in Australia have PR plus RRVs. At the moment, I have an RRV in mind for my own mother. She's 91 and has had PR in Australia for just over 5 years so the travel element of her Contributory Parent Visa has expired. Mum has been eligible for Australian Citizenship for the last 3 years but she has been reluctant to apply for that because she is wheelchair dependent and anxious about attending a public ceremony. If she gets nervous, she'll want to visit the loo every 5 minutes etc. So - if she wants to go abroad for any reason, my sister will just get an RRV for Mum. (It isn't a bright idea for Mum to vote in Aussie elections anyway since she has no sensible understanding of Politics!)

      It sounds to me like a similar strategy would work for your son as long as you can get RSMS visas to start with, whilst he is still a Dependant because he is still in full time education.


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