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      Sharon and Paul

      Using Migration Agents

      Hi there,
      Can anyone help please?
      I have used a migration agent and so far our visa application has been received by the DIAC and the money for our visas has been taking from our account (Nov 27th 07) when would we be expecting to hear about our medicals and police checks? I have contacted the migration agents three days ago for an update but had no respons back yet. (to frightened to keep on e-mailing them costs me an arm and a leg for a response). Its just having looked at some profiles on PIA site it seems approx 2months between stages. Could our hold up possibly be the fact we have used an agency? (and I can't help it that I have no patience).
      Thanks in advance for any replies.

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      Hi Sharon,
      We used an agent and they seemed quite quick with the responses. (It probably depends on the agent)
      It took us about 2 1/5 months after the visa to hear about meds n police checks. Then the police checks took ages to come back but when I sent them to the agent we had our visa in 3 weeks so that was only a short wait.

      Hope you hear soon


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      My only comment would be not to worry, what seems to take ages fits in with everyone else. What with christmas in between things would have seemed quiet. Your turn will soon come then like us the fun of checking emails every 5 mins will soon pass !!
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      Hi Sharon

      My 136 visa application was submitted on 29/08/2007 and money taken from my account on 12/12/2007 and have heard nothing as of yet. When I contacted my agent he told me not to worry, that there is a backlog and that I would be notified as soon as they heard anything.
      Having said that though I can't help but feel a little nervous as it's five months since submitting the application. The silence is deafening.


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      Sharon and Paul
      Hi Simon
      We have applied for the same visa Skilled independant 136. I think as of the 1st September 2007 they were stopping this visa, so my agent said thats why there is a back log at DIAC everyone wanting this visa had to make sure it arrived before 31st August 07.


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