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      Single and migrated to Adelaide ?

      I have a friend in the UK, aged 36 who is thinking of migrating to Adelaide. He wants to know if there are many single people who have taken the step alone and have made it work for them. He is worried that Adelaide attracts mainly families and he may be an isolated case. Interested to hear from anyone else who may have made the journey alone.

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      cant help you yet, but i will be moving over there alone in april. there are a handful of other singles on here, at least a couple of whom have moved so sure you'll get some advice from somewhere! if there is anything you think i can help with feel message or pm... ;)

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      I'm not single, but my husband and I don't do kids, and there seem to be other on here who also don't have or want children, so while Adelaide is family friendly, there's certainly room for the rest of us.
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      I am a 33 year old female and I moved out here in June '07. So far, I am absolutely loving it. I agree that Adelaide does attract many families, but you'd be surprised at how many singles, or young childless couples, it also attracts.

      I moved into a share house when I first arrived to keep costs down and to give me some company. I'm now renting the whole house myself, now that I have become settled and have my own groups of friends (and family who want to visit and need a place to stay! )

      I was very lucky in that I found work very quickly (within three weeks) and have a good job. I imagine financially for your friend it would depend on how much capital he's bringing with him and what salary he expects to earn - as anywhere, it can be tough on a single income.

      I joined a social group here and have made friends through that, plus a couple of friends through internet forums. If your friend wants any further info, PM me :)


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