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    Thread: Racism?!

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      Posted this in another similar thread........

      Where ever you go in the world there will be the minority that's prejudicial. Just a minority though!

      Don't let it get to you.

      Nothing compares to what the old South Africa was like. We never lived there, but (living in a neighbouring country) travelled often to South Africa in the "old days". Prejudice was every where. A system in place. During one visit I was with my cousin (asian) and his British wife. At the border we were told that my cousin's wife could not ride in the same car as us because we were of a different colour. We decided to turn back. Today we still talk about it and have a good laugh :)

      The important thing is to make sure that you mix with everyone. What many immigrants tend to do is stick to their own kind only. I don't believe in this.

      I grew up in a Buddhist family. To this date I am a Buddhist. But when I was a child my parents used to send me to Christian Church and on a few occasions went to Mosque with my muslim friends. My parents always said to us..."we are all humans. making us different was god's way of making us ( as individuals )that much more interesting. Getting along with all these different people is to stand the true test".
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      Tarek, You will be very happy here I'm sure.

      There are plenty of ethic places to eat and buy food, especially of you want halal.
      I don't eat beef or pork for religious reasons and it is what it is. Everyone accepts that.

      My place of work is so mixed there are Brazilians, Italians, Vietnamese, me of course and my good Egyptian friend.
      He does not drink alcohol, and we have no issues, to be fair, people are mostly interested in the difference and what they can learn. Different foods... etc

      I see plenty of ladies with head scarves, Aussies tend to have issues with the whole burka thing and when you see people preaching that their religion is better then all others. Be respectful to everyones believes and you will be fine.

      It was divarli for me a few weeks back and I made Indian sweets and took them into work. Everyone came over to ask about the story behind the celebration and tucked into my cakes with coffee.

      Seriously you will be fine, you may come across someone who doesn't feel the same, but it is what it is, you move on, no different from the UK.
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      Thanks Prema and to everyone here, your words mean a lot to us, I already feel home.


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