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      Sharon and Paul

      New Police Checks

      Its Only Me!

      Has anyone heard or done the new police checks?

      I have just phoned Hampshire Constabulary and they said there is no need to do a police check (which used to check everything including the ins and outs of the muts nuts)! Now the criminal records office deals with this and they issue a police certificate which is less time consuming and is being accepted by DIAC in Australia and New Zealand. The thing is I don't want to fill out this form, send it back, receive my certificate only to be told by the DIAC its not acceptable.
      Please help me, thanks
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      We are in application process and have not yet reached the dizzy heights of a police check. Maybe worth you e-mailing DIAC and ask them directly. Will watch this post to see what happens as we will be doing our police checks soon. Not answered your question but will help us so thankyou very much.

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      Sharon and Paul
      thanks for reply anyway.
      Just looking at police certificate application form now and noticed it only lasts for 6 months instead of a year!

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      Hiya , we completed our police checks in december. we just picked up a form(green i think) from local police station , completed it and sent it off to address on form We then got certificate from National Identification Service , room 350 , New Scotland Yard , Broadway , London Sw1H 0BG. tele - 02072302958. They just sent us a blue certificate , we sent that off and it seemed fine. I think it was a tenner? not much more...

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      Hi There,

      We did our police checks in November didn't come back 'till January 3rd. Our agent sent us a simple one sided form and all we had to put was our names, dates of birth, place of birth and addresses for the last 5 years. This was then sent by us to our local police station. This must of been a really basic check because it was nothing like the one I had to do for work.

      Hope this some help to you .


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      Sharon and Paul
      Thanks for the replies I'll go into the local police station and get a form.


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