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      Hi Andy, We found ourselves in a similiar situation where we had to decide whether to take temp visa for south Austrailia our first choice (as hubby on skills list for there but not on the MODL )or permanent visa in Canbera or Northen Territories. My advise is research and research all your options ,think hard about job opportunities etc in the areas then see what happens . You will need lots of information if you need to go for state sponsorship this is required as evidence when you fill in your on line application to relevant states. We deceided to go with our first choice and hope to apply for permanent visa when in full time employment. Getting medicals done on Tuesday
      then just need to wait .Good luck to you and hope this has been of use to you.
      The Mcds

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      We went down the state sponsorship route as we lost 5 points when I turned 40 and I only have a 50 point job. The process is very easy and can be done via whichever state official website you chose. We chose Adelaide as this is the only state that enables you to move to the capital city - all the others only allow you to move into the regions eg regional WA, but not Perth itself, Victoria but not Melbourne etc. There are some additional requirements that you live and work in that area for 2 years or something but for us it wasn't an issue if it meant we get there!
      See the SA website http://www.immigration.sa.gov.au/site/index.php and you can get all the details from there.
      each state has its own process and we just applied online which took a bit of effort to make sure it was done thoroughly and then we sent the supporting documentation through by post. We got an answer through in 6 weeks which I think is about the norm.

      Hope that helps

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      Hi, I know what you mean about the wait, it's driving me mad as well
      we have a case no. and are waiting on a case officer
      It's the not knowing and the thought that someone in oz is sitting at a desk with my whole families life in thier hands and I wish they would hurry up and put us out of our misery!!!! It's sooooooooo frustrating. at the minute my tumble dryer is on it's last leg and I don't know wether to buy a new one or not, will it work in oz?? can I wait till I get there before buying a new one?? the house needs painted- do we do it now or wait until we are about to put it on the market?? all these silly unimportant issues seem so important while we wait and wait and wait, checking e-mail every half hour for some news
      We started the process last Feb through an agency and we knew it would be next year, now it IS next year and I know it could be soon but it is not soon enough.
      It was good to read your thread as it give me a great excuse to vent my frastration, so thank you, I am now going to go and check my e-mail and try and decide wether to buy a new tumble dryer and think about wheter we should paint the house now or not, I have nothing else to do!!!!!!!


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