Hi everyone

My name is maura. i moved here from ireland with my husband and six year old daughter on the 25th september. we came over on a 6 month holiday visa. we were unable to get working holiday visa as u cannot get these when u have a child.

we made the move over as my father in law who lives in adelaide had a double lung transplant back in august. we stayed in sydney while he recovered from the operation until the 1st of december. We moved down to aldinga beach then.

we love this country and would love to stay here. but we are finding it very difficult to find sponsorship as we are unable to work because of our visa.

I worked in a insurance company in ireland and also ran a home beautician business. i have a bachelor of arts in information systems management, i have all my exams done for working in insurance and i have my beautician certs also.

my husband has worked in many different aspects of construction including paving, driving machinery ie track machines diggers etc, labouring and truck driving.

he also worked at driving buses for school transport back at home.

if anyone could help us or give us some info i would greatly appreciate it.

also if there are any irish families living in aldinga beach i would love to meet up as we dont know many people in the area.