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      Ted n Tracey

      first steps

      ... I'm becoming really disheartened :-(
      We have spoken to both Concept Australia and Go Matilda and had such conflicting opinions from them regarding skilled occupations in demand and so on.
      Ted is a telecomms engineer, (but also a qualified electrician).
      We were told by concept australia that the occupation IS in demand in Adelaide, but then Ted spoke to Go Matilda this morning and they said that it wasn't...and the woman was reading from the newly updated (Jan '07) list...
      Confused..... :(

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      Hi Tracey

      Here is a copy of the skills in demand list from South Australia that would enable you to obtain an STNI visa and I cannot see either occupation on there so would say Go Matilda are right -


      As long as your occuptaion is on the general skills list you can apply for an SIR 495 visa so long as you have enough points - http://www.immi.gov.au/allforms/pdf/1121i.pdf

      Gets confusing I know - we had similar last year when one agent tried to tell us that Gregs skills were being taken off the list altogether so we would not be able to apply for a visa but turned out they were talking rubbish as we have the visa and fly next month :lol:


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      Ted n Tracey
      Thanks Lisa...
      aaaah.. so one can go on a different visa i.e. the SIR 495.
      Is this a temporary visa, the one whereby you can then apply for permanent residency after two years or so?
      Could you point me in the right direction for more reading?

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      Yes that the one. We have an SIR 495 ourselves as this was the only visa we had enough points for. Don't really mind which visa we had so long as we got where we wanted to be :lol:

      There is some info here - http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/gener.../495/index.htm
      and here - http://www.immigration.sa.gov.au/sit...%20-%20SIR.pdf

      Plus loads of us on this site are on or going for this visa so ask if you are unsure.

      Lisa :D

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      Ted n Tracey
      wonderful, thank you Lisa :)
      I shall sit down later with hubby and go through some of the info. He kinda understands this better than I do as he's been dealing with it all.
      I sure think you're right though, the important thing is getting out there - end of story! :lol:


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