Hi all,

my name is iris and this is my first time posting in here, i just need an advise in regards to parent visa. I have being living in australia since 2005 but in 2010 i got pregnant and invited my mum to come stay with us and help me with my first daughter. Now it is being almost an year and her visa is expiring next month. However she does not want to go back, and it is being a really had time to us aws she built a really strong ralationship with my daughter, during this tima my father separate from her and is waiting to get divorced, she got no job, house, money or anything and i am pay for her expenses. We are lost! Because the contributory parent visa is to expensive and we cant afford it and she is only 51 years old so she cant aply for aged visa, it means that she must wait offshore. Also visa subclass 103 it is not an option as it is taking forever ... So we are desperately, she is getting depressed and i got her crying a few time but i m in a position that i can not help her right now. Does any one got a suggestion? Would worth writting to the minister? What else can we do?

Appreciate yours help and time reading it