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    Thread: Please Advise

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      Quote Originally Posted by knsc View Post
      Water Boy
      This looks like your job
      • Operates plant to store, distribute and treat water including purifying water for human consumption and removing wastes from sewage. Skill Level: 4



      Hope it helps
      Thank you very much for this. This is what my occupation is. It says a Cert II/Cert III or 1 years experience. I have tried to get on an Australian Cert III course from here but have been advised they cannot help until I arrive in Australia. I do meet the experience guidelines though.
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      Quote Originally Posted by Gollywobbler View Post
      Hi Waterboy

      Thanks for replying so promptly.

      Yes, a Student Visa would be a possibility and if all else fails, it might be the only possibility. Student visas are quite cheap and easy to do on your own. However, that is just the visa! It is also necessary to become an International Student for a minimum of 2 years. Let us say that you wanted to study Bricklaying. The college fees would be around $18,000 AUD a year ($36,000 in total) and there are other expenses on top. This used to be a guaranteed route to permanent migration to Oz. Then it became not viable at all for a couple of years. DIAC have recently changed the relevant law again and I think that the latest scheme will actually work better than its original predecessor.

      However, because of the costs it would be silly not to examine whether we could get you a skilled visa instead. It might not be possible but if we don't investigate, we will never find out! I'm not a migration agent, so I am not going to pat you on the head and say, "Gimme 1,500 and I'll deal with everything for you." What I do is to show people how they can do things by themselves. I happen to believe that it is reasonable for other people to discover how to do this without trying to charge them anything. DIAC believe so as well, to which end the DIAC website is by far the best of its type that I have ever come across. That said, understanding the DIAC website requires several hours of intensive effort, cold towels and strong coffee, in my experience! This visa stuff is a head-banger until you get used to how it all works. I'm too lazy to do it for you but I am not too lazy to show you how to do it by yourself. Even if you end up with a Registered Migration Agent to help you, the client who can get the best out of his agent is the one who has a pretty good understanding of the whole thing himself.

      Rite! Skilled Visas for Oz. There are 2 types - one is skilled independent migration (also known as the General Skilled Migration programme or GSM visas.) GSM visas do not require an Aussie employer to sponsor the immigrant. There are other hoops to jump through instead with the GSM Programme. However they are the best option to consider first because if it is possible to get a GSM visa then it is not necessary to muck about trying to find a willing, eligible and co-operative employer at this stage.

      If GSM is not a viable option then it is worth considering employer-sponsored migration instead. If that is also a non-starter then one should consider a Student visa as the option of last resort, if you like. An Aussie who wants to become a Bricklayer can do so for about 1/3 to 1/4 of the amount that it costs an International Student to do it.

      So! GSM visas. These depend on 4 things, being:

      1. Nominating an occupation that is in demand in Australia;
      2. The wannabe immigrant MUST hold the right academic or trade qualification - is s/he must have the Piece of Paper;
      3. S/he also needs work experience on top and the paper qualification must be relevant to the type of work experience;
      4. S/he also needs to score at least 65 in the Points Test for GSM.

      Therefore, in that order:

      1. The Occupation in demand in Australia:


      The ASRI list is for GSM migration. It is partly a simplified version of ANZSCO but also partly, ASRI has been adapted so that it will help someone who wants a GSM visa. There is much more flexibility with employer-sponsored migration but we need to stick with the GSN Programme to start with.


      Your Earth Geezer! According to ASRI, this person "Collects and tests earth and water samples, records observations and analyses data in support of Geologists or Geophysicists." Is that what you do or do you operate a machine that produces desalinated water, please? (A migration agent would ask for a copy of your CV but I don't see why you can't read the relevant documents and then compose a CV by yourself. Shoe-horns are useful tools in ways that one might not expect but it is no use to claim that Bloggs is a brain surgeon because DIAC expect factual corroboration from Bloggs' employer, plus there are now stringent penalties for bogus documents or information! Anyway the Skills Assessment authority for Brain Surgery is the Australian Medical Council, so one does not have carte blanche to be completely silly about this.)

      Therefore what you actually do at work must not be too different from what ANZSCO describes for the occupation concerned. You have read about the Earth Geezer in ANZSCO. Does it sound similar enough, do you think?

      2. The Paper Qualification: ASRI says that an AQF Diploma will do as the minimum academic qualification. (AQF = Australian Qualifications Framework.) An AQF Diploma is the rough equivalent of an NVQ4 in the UK. You say that you completed 3 years of a degree course but did not complete it. Were you a full-time Student at a Uni that someone has heard of? If yes, did they give you anything to prove that you had completed the first 3 years of your degree? If not, would you be able to get them to cough up anything now if you were to ask them?

      As long as there is something useful to go on, the relevant Skills Assessment authority is VETASSESS. They are a nightmare on legs imho but that is because I have no hands-on familiarity with their latest Roolz & Procedures. This is where a top-notch Registered Migration Agent can be very handy and can provide Value For Money because an experienced RMA understands VETASSESS. (Allegedly the Aussie Government is even more bureaucratic than the British Gummint, though I find it hard to imagine how!)

      VETASSESS have been told to become very fussy. You need General Occupations, so please start here:


      The qualification must be relevant to the occupation and both elements must be proven to the satisfaction of VETASSESS. If you think this is easy so far, think again because the details are here!


      We are looking at the possibility of saying that you have the equivalent of an AQF Diploma, which makes our Earth Geezer Group C, OK?


      Let us assume that Vetassess will say that whatever you manage/have managed to choke out of the Uni is not quite "Highly Relevant." Then please work out the rest!

      Vetassess do not guess! Good God no! Bureaucracy never takes wild guesses! Australia relies on a instrument of torture known as the Country Education Profiles (CEP.) An RMA with experience of working with British visa applicants will have a copy of the current CEP for the UK. I'm too mean to spend 50 or so on a sub for the CEP when I am not going to make any money out of it, but I've seen the CEP for the UK.


      Start with the freebie for Syria, so that you can see how the CEP works:


      It is a Bureaucratic Nightmare, like I said, and the one for the UK is no better. Let us say that you stidied at the University of Rutshire. Every possible qualfication that they dish out is listed in the CEP, with a rough description of what the student has to do to achieve each qualification. Then you read across to the next column which tells you what the AQF equivalent is.

      It is possible that your partly completed degree in Biomedical Science has produced a Piece of Paper or that the Piece of Paper could be produced and that Vetassess would agree that the Piece of Paper is the equivalent of the AQF Diploma according to the CEP. That's where I'm hoping to get you to with this.

      If it wouldn't be possible to get you a Skills Assessment then it would not be possible to get you a GSM visa, so we need not worry about Items 3 & 4 on my list for the minute.

      If you decide that you are not an Earth Geezer after all, you need to consider whether you are some other type of Geezer listed in ASRI, OK? Then you repeat the intellectual process that I have described!

      It is impossible just to zip through this stuff quickly. Cold towels and hot coffee are essential, in my view.

      Please could you see what you think so far and then say whether you think we might have a GSM goer on our hands?

      Many thanks

      Gill I really cannot thank you enough for all your time you have given me and patience. I really wish I understood everything as well as yourself.

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      Quote Originally Posted by waterboy View Post
      Thank you very much for this. This is what my occupation is. It says a Cert II/Cert III or 1 years experience. I have tried to get on an Australian Cert III course from here but have been advised they cannot help until I arrive in Australia. I do meet the experience guidelines though.
      Your welcome, glad to help. Hopefully Gill can point you in the right direction. Good luck.

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