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      Unhappy Health issues

      Hi all we are hoping to move to Adelaide early 2009 i have concerns about medical as i have high cholesterol and have to take a pill every evening to keep it down does anyone else have this problem or have any answer that may help me.
      Many thanks Tony

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      Not quite the same, but I have high blood pressure and also have to pop a pill every day to keep it down. I was worried as hell about the medical but as long as your medication is working OK there should be no problems.

      Worthe doing a keep healthy campaign for a couple of months before attending medicals, take benecol etc, anything to get the right results.

      Good luck

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      Just how "in depth" is this medical then?
      I honestly can't see you having any problems Tony mate, Swampo is right, if the medication works AND is easily available in Oz then what's the problem?

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      The problem of high cholesterol is just as prevalent in Oz as it is in teh UK.

      As long as a given condition does not revent the person from leading a normal, independent, tax-payingg life, there will be no problem with the overwhelmig majority of medical queries.

      Best wishes


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      Health Issues

      Thank you all for your replies concerning my high cholesterol very much appreciated i am no longer worried.



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