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      Nicky, Alan and Kids

      We have a case officer - I think

      Found out today that we have a case officer, got fed up with waiting so sent an online enquiry last week, and got this back.

      "your file is currently with your case officer for further processing, if your case officer requires any additional documentation/information to assist in the processing of your visa application then they will contact you"

      Our medicals and police checks have already been sent, anyone got any fibes on when we should here some more news?

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      that's great news!!
      i guess it depends on when you've sent all your other things.
      i think medicals have a processing time of up to 8 weeks (heard of 2 weeks too though)
      and i guess once that's all done it's only a 'your CO takes your file off the pile ... reads it carefully ... and ... stamp!' you've got it


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