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      Work Experience evidence for State Sponsorship


      I've just had my documents received by Immigration SA. They have asked me for letters of reference from my current and previous employers to confirm my work experience. The letter needs to detail job title, duties, number of hours worked etc. Anyone else had to do this for SS? I thought I wouldn't have to do this until the visa stage. I've got a letter from my previous employer ready but I don't want to let my current employer know what I'm doing yet. Would my employment contract and payslips do?
      Any thoughts most welcome.


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      Hi Troon Teacher.

      Like you my wife is a teacher and would not dream of telling until necessary. Adelaide Bounds experience demonstrates this very clearly.
      We did not send such data until the VISA application. I would send what you have and then explain that you do not want to compromise your position with your current employer and therefore are not in position supply such a letter. If you can send your recent payslips that should do the trick. Hopefully Adelaide Bound will jump in on this post as I think they did not give a reference even at VISA app stage.

      Can I ask is this an agent telling you this or direct from SA. Sometimes agents can do strange things!!!!

      IrishStew (OH)

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      Hi IrishStew,

      The email came straight from Immigration SA. I am guessing they must do random checks. I've emailed them to see if my contract and payslips are ok. My contract has all the info they need so hopefully should be fine.

      Thanks for your help

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      I didn't think work experience was a requirement of SS though? Ah - just looked on the SA SS page, and it seems to have been added - I'm sure we didn't put in any work experience evidence for SS, so must have changed recently-ish.

      Ditto everything Irish Stew has said - proof can come in many forms, and if you aren't in a position to give them a letter from your current employer, then you aren't. Would just your previous school cover 12 months out of the last 24?

      From my experience I am so glad I didn't tell my school any earlier than I actually did, and would have preferred to have waited longer, but felt I owed it to the kids to let the school know as soon as our visa was through. In retrospect I wouldn't have handed in my notice and let the school know until the Oct 31st Deadline though.

      I only ever sent proof of employment by way of a letter for the period before the previous 12 months (ie I worked in school x when I was applying for the visa from Sept 2010-applying in Aug 2011 and onwards, but had previously worked for school a for the couple of years before that, so got a letter from them to say I had worked there from Sept 2008-Aug 2010), so used that letter along with current payslips, my P60 and a copy of my current at that time contract as evidence of the basic work requirement. I didn't need to claim any points for further work experience.
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      Dear ToonTeacher,

      My CO asked me to send them more evidence of work experiences in my mother tongue and certified translation,despite I sent the documents in English before.

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      Just a quick update. I e-mailed Immigration SA and they said current employment contract with payslips along with letter of reference from previous employer is acceptable. I've scanned my docs and e-mailed back so fingers crossed! The good thing is I have all my work experience docs ready for visa if successful with SS.

      Thanks for the replies



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