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      The Waite Family

      Unhappy Sleepless night last night

      After finding out that Laura (18) can not come as a dependant all sorts of things went through my mind last night

      What exactly are her options now?

      What if we can come and she can't?

      We couldn't leave her behind (although Joseph aged 11 doesn't see why not!) lol

      How would she get a job if she's so young and not skilled in anything?

      Can she go to college? Uni? Can she still stay afterwards? How long till she gets a permanent visa and how will she get one?

      We had better get a move on cos Daniel will be 16 soon and we don't want any more hassle.

      Laura was upset last night cos her dad told her she will have to pick fruit! (she won't will she?)

      What if she has to go before us? Where will she live?

      I won't sleep tonight either at this rate can anyone give me some clear idea of what exactly she can do?

      Hope someone can put our minds at ease cos this really is doing our heads in. We are definitely still going to continue with the process but just need a bit of reassurance that it will be ok and we won't have to leave our little girl behind.

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      I think you should get in touch with an agent ASAP and find out exactly what your options are. I know a lot of people go it alone but we went with an agent as there are so many types of visa's we didn't know where to start. Stop panicking until you get ALL the facts. Good luck to you all I really hope it works out

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      Leanne & Mark
      Hey don't panic, there are ways around this. Does she work? and does she depend on you for the cost of living?
      can she not start on a college course here so she is then fully dependant(i may be wrong here) but i know others have had children at work, (possible it was an apprentiship type position) earning a wage but not really enough to support themselves, they have then had to prove they are living at home and dependant on there parents for the general cost of living, such as food shelter heating etc.
      Try looking on pomsinoz there have been a few people with older children they may be able to give you an answer.
      Just don't panic !!!!!!!! yet!!!!!!!
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      The Waite Family
      :embarrassed: you guys can tell i'm panicking then? lol

      Yes she is working at the moment for Thomas Cook in a call centre but in a couple of months time she is starting as cabin crew at our local airport. (She earns more than me!)

      She was hoping to come and work at Adelaide airport but I'm not sure if that's an option.

      I will post my question on PIO aswell thanks for that!

      There must be someone somewhere who was in the same position as us and it worked out ok.

      Thinking nice calming thoughts ............................. deep breaths .................

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      Nicky, Alan and Kids
      I have had the same problem with my 19 Year old daughter, on the advice of our agent she is going on a WHV which she applied for and has got it approved, this allows her to stay for 1 year but if she does any seasonal work she can apply for a 2nd WHV so she can have two years with us, then hopefully we can sponser her when we have done our 2 years (hope this makes sence) thats are plan anyway, but in that 2 years she may decide that she hates Australia or may be able to get a company to sponser her. By the way she works for Going Places.

      Kids they are a worry and I fully understand that you could not leave her at home because I feel the same way.

      Take Care



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