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      Subclass 457 Temp Visa (4year)

      Hi everyone!

      Does anyone have more information regarding this Visa?

      Can I apply for Permanent Residency after 2 years with this?

      Am I allowed to buy property whilst on this visa?

      Any info will help loads...there's so much to take in...Im soooo confused!

      Thank you

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      Sorry I do not know much about this visa but found a couple of links that have got more info for you if you have not seen them already



      You would be able to buy a house with FIRB approval as it is a temporary long stay visa. Don't know with this visa how you go about getting PR as works different to the SIR495 where you can apply after a couple of years. Maybe someone on here has experience of this and maybe able to help more than I can :D


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      We have been told by our broker that we could run the 457 alongside the 136 application, that way we could be over in Oz quicker. We have enough points for the perm visa though, not sure how you'd go about it if under the 120 points.


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      Thank you Lisa and Jane...

      Ive spent the best part of 20 hours on the internet just to find out if I would be eligible to apply for PR after the 457 visa but cannot find a thing. This determines whether I make the big move over or not. Does anyone know of an migrant agency where I can just ask this one question?

      Thank you

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      You could always try posting your question on the Go Matilda forum. It is run by Alan Collett and he has been known to supply answers on there if he can.


      Lisa :lol:


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