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      Question Need your advise - 176 Australian Study Requirement points not awarded

      Dear Friends

      I need your expertise on what has happened to me.

      I got SS from Adelaide and applied for the 176 visa in January 2012. I was contacted by my CO today stating that I do not have enough points to meet the pass mark of 65 (was told I only scored 60).

      But according to my own calculations I should have scored 65. I got the decision letter from the CO and it seems to me that he missed that I studied in Australia for my Bachelors Degree for 3 years.

      I should have gotten 5 points for

      Recognition of Australian Study: Minimum two years fulltime (Australian study requirement)

      I would like to ask any forum members who have studied in Australia and claimed points for it.
      What s going through my head are two scenarios;

      1. My CO missed the fact that I studied in Australia for 3 years full time leading to an Australian degree and failed to assign 5 points for that

      1. There may be some hidden reason I am not aware of – as far as I know

      But looking at http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/gener...aust-study.htm

      I meet all the requirements to be granted these 5 precious points. Unless there is an expiry date / time limit on claiming points on this (as I finished my degree in 2006 which was 6 years back)

      If anyone has claimed points for Australian studies can you please share your thoughts / provide some feedback.

      Things were going smoothly and all of a sudden this happens, I am confused and depressed .

      Thanks guys, I would appreciate any feedback I can get on this
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