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      baby seats regs

      baby seats,
      hope i'm in the right place for this or someone out there can help me. we've just brought a new baby seat for our daughter and it's a seat belt locking type. we have just found out that this type can not be used in au.... and an iso bar type is req and it must display the "aussie kite mark" that means we can't buy an iso type here and take it over. are we gonna be ok if we drive around for a few weeks till we can get sorted with that type or if we get stopped by the police will they lock us up forever and throw away the key????

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      I don't think they will lock you up and throw away the key :lol: although who knows!!

      I am sure that it would be an insurance issue though if the worst were to happen so may be an idea to get the car seat sorted as quick as you can. The UK safety standards on car seats are not deemed strong enough for OZ and most of them fix to the car chassis not just seat belt secured.

      There is quite a bit of info here - http://www.transport.sa.gov.au/safet...restraints.asp

      Hopefully something there will help.


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      thanks alot for the info. would we be able to hire a car with a seat in it till we buy both car and seat??

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      Not sure on that one as still in UK (but not for long :lol: ) but someone on the OZ side may be able to answer when they get up :lol:


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      Hire firms do provide seats for infants/children. If you book a hire car just be sure to tell them the ages of the children so they put the right size seat in the car




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