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      time to dig in...

      Finally - our application has been e-lodged.. thought we were never going to get to this stage! We've been delayed by almost 3 months since we got state sponsorship but finaly we've done it. Agent recons it will be 12 weeks before we hear anything...so I guess that wait begins. We'll get our meds and pcs done ASAP as we want to be in Oz by Oct / Nov. Then my thoughts turn to what research / prep we can get on with now... this site has been soooooooooooooo useful and I'll use it as the basis for action moving forward... thanks all! R ;)

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      good luck with the waiting - i hated that part but then i think everyone does. i got busy selling stuff on ebay - sorted the house out to get it ready to go on the market etc.

      all the best for now


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