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      Are we paying too much?

      We are completely new to this and have been stumbling about in the dark, We agreed to enlist the services of the Migration Bureau and they have quoted us upwards of 3900 for SIR 495 :? BUT after reading some of the posts on here it seems we are payig through the nose, have we been taken for coplete mugs?We've only just started compilin everything for the TRA......?????

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      This is what we paid for everything to give you an idea - I am guessing their price includes skills etc -

      Go Matilda 1495
      TRA 120 ($300)
      Certified Copies 100 (which your agent can now do for you)
      Visa 830 ($1985)

      Our total (excluding medicals which were 475) was 2545

      Have your agents told you what exactly is included in the price as this does seem high :roll:


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      oops forgot to say welcome to the site :lol:


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      Hi thanks for replying the price only includes their fee all the other things you mention we will have to pay as well, on top of the 3900+vat. :oops:

      Have queried the first bill which we just received and they took off 4 units of time (6 minute intervals) as a gesture of "good will" .Haven't paid it yet.....does anybody know how to get out of the contract we've already paid a deposit of 950

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      I have sent you a pm

      Lisa :D

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      Welcome to the site

      This figure does seem rather high :? :?

      Ian Harrop 1195.00
      Visa 830.00 (depends on exchange rate)
      TRA $500 (Dollars)
      Meds 700.00
      Cert Copies 1 each (solicitor feels sorry 4 us as so many to do)

      Regards Jane

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      Sorry to hear you have problems with your agency :(

      Its can be quite expensive, we had 3 quotes & opted to go with Overseas Emigration, based in Edinburgh. We are in the final stages of the process, awaiting the visa. I would definitely recommend them.

      Their fee was 1700 + VAT, so more than Jane & Lisa paid. I think sometimes you just have to shop around

      Good luck :)

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