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      skills assessment and partner points

      I am finally begining to understand the skliis ass process after to speaking to many agents you begin to get more knowledgeable!! I am now doing my own as it will only cost me about 300. The agents charge around 600 plus fees for documention etc.
      It is amazing how much you can learn from them but you have to be canny so that you get as much poss info without them charging you!
      I just need to get OH to do his now as i need the extra 5 points to give me 120 as i am main applicant as my profession is on Occ in demand list.
      Hope his skills ass is positive otherwise i will need to take english test!!
      Re the visa going for a 175 as my occ (Occupational Therapist) is currently not being sponsored by south aus govt.

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      Hope I'm not speaking out of turn here, but surely it would be quicker, cheaper and a whole lot less paperwork if you took the ILETS test to gain the extra points rather than submit a second skills assessment. If you've got the english skills to do the Skills assesment yourself then the test *should* be relativley straight forward?
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      hi yes that is always an option and you are right in that if i have the skills to navigate around the assessment process then an english test should be a doddle!!
      I have heard that it is hard is that correct?
      Just had a baby so all confidence and mental energy evaporated!!
      Thanks for your concern

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      Hi Deborah,

      I did the Ielts test back in October, I was a bit apprenshive about it as I hadn't sat an exam for quite a long time.

      Whoever said it is hard is talking nonsense, if you ever did a foreign language at GCSE level, imagine that standard but for English!

      Needless to say that if English is your first language it'll be a doddle!
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