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      Vetassess Processing Times

      Hi all,

      I've been asked by DIAC to get my degeree assessed by vetassess to confirm it is equivalent to an Australian degree.
      I've submitted all the forms etc - my question is does anyone know how long this usually takes?


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      I've just had VETASSESS do my skills assessment for profession rather than trades. I didn't ask for the points advice letter though, just my degree and current employment. From what I'd read from various sources they seem to take between 12 and 16 weeks, it sounded like your application just sits there until the quoted time is almost up. I had a looming birthday which would alter my points score so submitted an urgency request, which you can download off their website. They accepted this and mine took just under a month, so I was very pleased with their quick turnaround!

      If you need it quickly, an urgency request may be the way to go.

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      thanks thebokke - cant believe they take so long, but nice to know about the urgency request, cheers

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      Ours took 8 weeks in 2010

      Best of luck

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      Quote Originally Posted by Paula H View Post
      Ours took 8 weeks in 2010

      Best of luck

      Cheers Paul. Yeah, they came back to me with 8-12 weeks. You really have to wonder how it can take so long. I see they are now closed to new applications so maybe that will speed things up. Thanks again



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