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      gutted why so long

      started this process jan 2007,as mentioned in my previous post going on sir visa subclass 495,well got my hubby to ring our agent to ask how much longer they thought it would be and been told another year to say i am gutted is an understatment thought we would be there august/sept this year,we were told at the initial consulation with our agent 1 year and we have spoken with our agent lots since and at no stage was 2 years mentioned
      sorry to ramble not a happy bunny at the mo

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      Sorry To Here Your News What Reason Have They Given You For It To Take Another Yr?
      I'm Not Surprised Your Not Happy.how Far Along The Visa Process Are You?
      Best Of Luck

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      Sorry to hear your news, we have just appointed an agent after a lot of searching for the right one. I did notice that if your agent is MARA registered which they should be you can lodge a complaint with MARA. We have been adviced for our 475 visa it will take about 2 months for the TRA (1 to prepare and 1 after it has been lodged) then about 8 months after the visa application has been sent providing there are no problems.

      Looking at other posts this seems about normal, have you been given an explaination about the problem?

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      the 2 years sound a bit iffy

      but then again from january to august is very positive thinking from your side!!!!!

      we've lodged ours in august and hope to have it in august - so i'd say 1 year is quite reasonable!!!

      stay positive - you'll get there in the end!!

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      really the only explanation is that it's the visa were going on.
      we lodged our main visa application middle of August 2007 and they took money in December 2007,so we thought very soon now we will have a case officer and be told to go for medicals and police checks and would have our visa around july /august this year.

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      same situation

      I sent you a pm for your previous post but then i read this one.... I am gutted for you to hear that it could be another year and i am worried for ourselves too.

      We applied for a SIR subclass 495, lodged 28th August 2007, money taken 6th December... no receipt, no acknowledgement etc etc... no word from the aussies....

      We were told that the whole process from lodgement would take at a maximum 6months from lodgement... this is nearly up and we are still waiting for our receipt...

      We're out in asia.... and we really don't know what to do now.

      Amelia and Fred


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      We appointed our agent on 26th Feb 2007, TRA took us a long time to complete but it came back early July and we lodged our application 14th August.
      It was receipted aroung Nov and full acknoledgement was on 18th Jan 2008
      Case officer and request for meds/pc was on 14th February
      So I think it seems a bit strange that your agent is telling you another year. We are on 496 skilled =designated area sponsored so not the same as yours but I wouldn't have thought it would be such a long difference. Get on to your agent again and ask exactly what is taking so long and if they are registered with MIRA maybe you should consider a complaint to them.
      Good luck

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      We started the process for a SIR Visa in September 2006. Here are our time scales:-

      Online applicaton via agent sent on the 12th July. Think the money was taken a couple of days later.
      No acknowledgment but straight to -
      case officer at the beginning of November.
      Police checks sent middle of November.
      Medical sent around the 20th December.
      Medicals finalised on the 15th January
      Visa granted on the 8th February!

      From July to getting our case officer we were so worried why it was taking so long. From what we have heard, because the immigration laws changed in September there was a rush of applications and a huge back log (and still is).

      I shouldn't think that it would be another year before you get your visa because I think that the immigration have certain maximum time lines. I think that are some people that put their forms in June and July and are still waiting for case officers/visa's. I should think that you will be really soon.:)

      Our agent told us not to get our meds or police checks done till we got a case officer but I would recommend getting them if you want to go to Aus in less than a year from now.

      We know exactly how you are feeling, we were so stressed out since July, every day just so worried.

      I hope that the above helps.

      Claire and Zack

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      Who's your agent? How much have you paid them????? none of my business really but i think i'd be looking for some explanations to why another year....mmmmmmh????????

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      yes the rush of applications has caused a massive backlog... however i think that the Trade applications are quicker than other skilled occupation applications... looking at everyone's timelines seems to confirm this...

      My issue is that they took our money nearly three months ago and we still haven't been issued a receipt.... ; (


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