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    Thread: 475 convert to 887, Job Nature ... Plz Plz Plz help confirm for me

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      Unhappy 475 convert to 887, Job Nature ... Plz Plz Plz help confirm for me

      I have 475 and in the future I am going to apply 887 as a PR.

      Skilled Regional Sponsored (Provisional) Visa (Subclass 475) --> Skilled Regional (Residence) visa (subclass 887)

      The 475 allows and needs me to live for 2 years and work for full time 1 year in SA (South Australia)

      If I want to apply for 887 later on,

      Do I have to work in my Nominated Occupation for that year?
      Or I can do any full time job?

      This is the most troubled question.

      (my useless immigration agent always asks me to work in "Closely Related Field".)

      Are there any successful case of "Doing any job"? Any way to confirm?

      Please Please help me .... Please... Coz It can totally change my "plan".....

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      I'm on the same visa and asked immigration before we left the UK the same question and they said I could do any job (not necessarily linked to my nominated occupation).

      I've looked at the online form and it does not ask what job you have been doing and on the checklist I think it only asks for proof you have been working full-time for 12 months. From memory this can be 1 job or made up of part time jobs to meet the neccesary time required per week.
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      THANKS A LOT ! Wow! What a relief! coz to find a job in a new place is not easy, but to also find the job in a fixed field is even much difficult while i have to support my living there, as job hunting takes time. now it will be more flexible, i suppose the 887 application won't suddenly close in near future, right? otherwise, the 475 holder will be left for nothing inSA. Adelaide, I am coming ...haha

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      Absolutely no requirement for the job to be (or close to) the nominated occupation. If you can show you've worked full time for 12 months in the two year period you've met that condition.

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      Thank You Guys. The path becomes more promising for me then.

      My friend in Melbourne asked me to notify the Local / Regional Immigration Department before accepting or changing job to be sure.

      Sure that I always want to work in my experienced field, coz I have been an engineer for more than 8 years...in Hard Disk Drive Production and Development.
      But in order to survive and support my wife, sometimes I have to take any lucrative job possible.

      Well, Anyway, Thanks again for all the help.



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