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      help stuck allrady as conflicting info on nbsa registration form sent you a email please confirm what we should do as it says if we are appling for a skilled visa we should register with the anmc first then them or do i ignore this as you can fill it in if you are appling for a visa ? confused?

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      I am an occupational therapist and doing my own skills assessment because i would need to do this anyway to be registered so might as well do it this end so much cheaper. The guidelines were quite straight forward. It is just a desk top audit (form filling) plus copy of degree, course work and registration, refs etc. Cost about 300.
      I then will have to be assessed as being competent to practise and be liscensed to work in S.A.
      I may still have to do english test though (even though degree educated) cos i only have 115 points (age)
      S.A. are not sponsoring Occ Ther even though on MODL. Only other option is to get 5 points for OH.


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      sorry must be a bit clueless what guidelines where ?? each form seems to conflicting the other

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      Look at http://www.nursesboard.sa.gov.au click on registrations at the top then criteria for registrations then follow the links for the 'educated overseas' part - its quite straightforward on there, and you can click on the form to have a look at what details you need to fill in and send.


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      Quote Originally Posted by batleys View Post
      so the 1600 ws that for everything or just his fees as one qoute have had was 1600 + vat and 300 for anmc and 890 for visa lodgement and 200 for medicals for each adult so this would add up to roughly four grand is this right....
      That was the agents fees, visa costs and medicals etc are on top of that.

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      Shy Ted
      Never understood the whole agent caper, to me it just seems like paying 2000 for some scally to do your spadework and put another link in the chain. Just do it yourself, its easy enough and there is enough support online and on here. Unless you have 2 grand to spare of course!

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      thanks to all your help but we are doing it ourselves we started already.. fingers crossed:Randy-git:


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