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    Thread: shipping goods

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      shipping goods

      hopfully in final stages of visa application and started to look into shipping,thinking we are going to need a 20foot container. And after being advised to make full use of it, i am thinking of taking things such as tools,motorcylce,trailer,lawnmowers,strimmers etc.Can anyone advise me on the process of cleaning these items to meet the standards of AU customs :?: Could do with keeping the cost of things down by doing things myself i.e oil/fuel removal and thorough steam clean :?: or would i need papers to say this has been done professionaly.
      happy packing :D
      hope to be on the sunny side soon Rob

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      dp n dd

      just a quick reply cos i'm no expert,

      we had a couple of quotes last year, they said that to take a bike
      - I am! - or similar, you need a pro steam clean & a certificate.
      AU customs can still get it re-done and charge you if they think its not good enough.
      I'm taking all my trade tools an am gonna risk just giving them a
      mega 200 bar blast at work :)
      they also said you can't take any organic material such as ornamental wood or stones etc. - like twig bunches from ikea etc :lol:

      cheers then P & J

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      Hi Rob

      We are also taking trade tools and machinery so giving them a good blast before packing.

      Regarding your garden mower and strimmer I would not worry about taking them as they have to be thoroughly cleaned (as in not one blade of grass :roll: ) and every shipper we had in for a quote said they would be flagged up for inspection straight away by customs so we are leaving ours behind.

      one tip - get lots of quotes!! We had 6 companies in and the price for sole use of 20 ft varied from 3700 to 6250 :shock:

      Also haggle - the company we are going with were not the cheapest but did come down to match a lower quote and also dropped to 2% for insurance so we saved over 850 from their original quote :lol:


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      Sorry to be such an idiot really

      but what type of things is everyone taking or planning on taking.

      We have three leather sofas which we only purchased in December (duh!!!) and a new double bed from Next that we got in the January sale. Two 32inch flat screen TV (again under 6 months old). Other than that we are not really that bothered about anything else. Im sure this wont fill a container, so do we take it or leave it and buy new.

      Oh god Im rambling, but were in such a dilema.

      Im sure once we really look into things we will actually have a lot more stuff, but the above seem to stand out as they are practically new.

      Ive heard of people sharing containers ?????

      Anyway any help/suggestions would be good. :roll:

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      We have a 20ft container arriving in a few weeks and plan to cram as much in as possible as the cost to replace everything on arrival would be huge :shock:

      We have a super king size bed, 3 seater and 2 seater sofa, dining room table and chairs, single bed, bedroom furniture, tools plus loads more and all going in with ease. I think you will be surprised how much will fit.

      We had 3 companies round back in October for quotes so we could work out roughly what we could take and it turned out to be more than we thought would fit in. Then we had 3 more quotes last month and booked the one we decided on once we had the visa in place and flights booked :lol:

      You can get shared containers too and the shipping agent will go through all your options with you when they come to do the 'survey'. They also advise if you have anything it is not a good idea to take due to customs.

      Lisa :D

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      Bex & Nick
      We're getting a shared container as we don't have too much - a bit like you really, two sofas, table & chairs and a bed plus the usual books, CDs etc.


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      dp n dd
      We were going to take loads of stuff
      but then having thought about it, the list got whittled away.

      The leather sofa is tired - kids :roll: - my son chipped the glass dining table :roll: and our TV has started to play up. Has anyone
      successfully taken glass tables! :)

      We just seem doomed to be taking a carrier bag full of clothes each
      cos everything else is done in :D

      Does anyone have any details of any companies that transport
      motorbikes cheapish? Or can you put them in a container too?
      I know they need steam cleaning, emptying of fluids n av a cerificate,
      but i can't remember what the shipping agent said about them -
      he just included them in our old quote - about 12 months ago now.

      cheers - Paul
      ps. I have to do most of the form filling n stuff cos Jeanette is an administrator & is sick of forms :shock:

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      Most shipping companies will transport your vehicle too. They put it in your container then build a frame round it to box it in to make the most of the container space by packing stuff on top of it. Most will steam clean it for you at their depot, we've had this cost as part of some quotes, others have said it costs about 75 quid (thats for a car might be less for a bike)

      Hope this helps

      Jen :)

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      Hi All

      If you ring the shipping agents you can easily get a quote, then just compare & try to barter them down, esp if you have a 20ft container a couple of % off the price will always help 8) if you don't ask you don't get 8)

      We have decided to part ship, using cartons - well thats the latest, not had any quotes as yet but got 3 or 4 suggested agents from this forum to ring & arrange for quotes.

      I think it is costly in some ways to buy again in Adelaide but its part of the adventure & we are happy to start basic, there is also an IKEA so you can get most things there at a reasonable price :)

      I don't like the idea of sharing a container but I guess that you have to if you can't fill one, will know more when we get a few prices together

      Good luck everyone

      Angela (43), Ashley (45), Bradley (17), Thomas (13) & Max our Spoodle (6) Visa Process 23/10/06 - granted 27/04/07. Now permanent residents as of Sept 09.
      Arrived 6th Sept 07 Living in Onkaparinga Hills. Building a new home 2014 Hallett Cove with Rivergum 2 Story & views back / front :D
      AGS Painting & Decorating PM me or email agspainting@adam.com.au

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      Quote Originally Posted by Angela
      If you ring the shipping agents you can easily get a quote, then just compare & try to barter them down, esp if you have a 20ft container a couple of % off the price will always help 8) if you don't ask you don't get 8)

      Definitely haggle. We are going with Allied Pickfords and have saved over 850 (which is a good chunk of our flights paid for) from their original quote by making them work for the business :lol:

      They dropped to match their competitors on the container price then dropped from 3% to 2% on the insurance to ensure they got the business 8)

      It pays to be cheeky



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