I"m awaiting news from Aus house, about moving to Aus. but have since been told by agents, that as i have not been academically trained in my profession, i cannot get a visa, at present. one advised me, that the ruling should change soon? hopefully by July? Another said my best way would be to try and acquire a sponsor, to guarantee me a job on my arrival. I have worked for 10 years as a Litho Printer [ machinist ] , on Heidelberg 102,s. in a large printers. any help, or advice would be greatly appreciated, as it seems hard to find relevant information. Also my wife Ally is a fitness instructor, is there many opportunities in that line of work. I feel very green on the issues involved in this move, and feel in need of a bit of guidance. Hope someone out there can pass on some much needed advice, Cheers Gary:daydreaming: