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      gary fitz

      can anyone help?

      I"m awaiting news from Aus house, about moving to Aus. but have since been told by agents, that as i have not been academically trained in my profession, i cannot get a visa, at present. one advised me, that the ruling should change soon? hopefully by July? Another said my best way would be to try and acquire a sponsor, to guarantee me a job on my arrival. I have worked for 10 years as a Litho Printer [ machinist ] , on Heidelberg 102,s. in a large printers. any help, or advice would be greatly appreciated, as it seems hard to find relevant information. Also my wife Ally is a fitness instructor, is there many opportunities in that line of work. I feel very green on the issues involved in this move, and feel in need of a bit of guidance. Hope someone out there can pass on some much needed advice, Cheers Gary:daydreaming:

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      :(im sorry to hear your situation, I cant really offer any advice, but will tell you about 3yrs ago we applied to see if we had a chance of going to aus through an agent in the paper, he took 100 or so from us then said we had no chance, on the odd chnce 2 yrs later i was reading a book on migrating to oz and came across an agents email, he said we had no problem and now everything done and were just waiting to hear, so good luck in what you decide, and dont give up:)


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