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      dp n dd

      Leaving children behind...


      we're hoping to 'get off' in the summer to Adelaide (hope its nice - never been 2 Oz).

      Thing is we're taking 2 of our kids, & my oldest is coming out for a working holiday. But Jeanettes son (9) is DEFINATELY not coming!
      He's going to stay with his dad n grandparents.

      Has anyone else had to face up to this kind of scenario?
      Its going to be a massive wrench and being realistic could ruin everything.

      HELP! :?

      P & J

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      Hi P&J,

      Could you not persuade the little lad (with his dad permission of course) to be included on the application, come out with you and then make a decision, Even if he just validates and then goes back to UK he still has 5 years to make up his mind(presuming you are on a PR Visa)

      A difficult decision.
      Best of luck to you

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      Hi P & J

      welcome to the site :lol:

      I agree with Liz about your little one - could you not get him to come over for a months trial and then agree he can go back if he does not take to it? He may love it when he arrives :D

      Also might be an idea to get him chatting to some of the kids in the kids section on here - maybe he is just worried about making new friends and scared and leaving what is familiar to him.

      Best of luck

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      dp n dd

      thanks for your replies, much appreciated :)

      The thing is, the lads a bit cautious about new things,
      our 'plan' is to introduce him to the delights of Oz gradually,

      and hopefully he'll fall for it - he is coming over for a holiday
      as soon as we get sorted.

      He's been very ill as a young child & was spoiled somewhat
      by the grannies! Still is, thats partly why he's stayin :D

      He's had to have meds anyway so if he did decide, hopefully it wouldn't be a huge application project. Does anyone know different?

      Its now or never for us to go, I'm 39 n J's 38 so we haven't got 10 yrs to spare to wait. The other kids are ready for it - so this is the big sacrifice we're having to make. :cry:

      cheers again P & J

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      I totally sympathise, our eldest daughter has now announced she won't be coming and every time I imagine getting on the plane without her even though she's old enough to be left behind, I fill up. Can't imagine what it must feel like with a 9 year old :(

      hope it all works out


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      dp n dd
      Hi Cara

      I do the same. On mothers day i thought this will be my last mothers day with him and fill up but keep hoping and praying 1 day he will come and stay in oz with me.

      I am going to apply for shares in the kleenex company :(

      But also communication is loads better now and dont think there will be a day that i wont speak to him or see him (on web cam ) and at the end of the day i can always come back.

      Be strong & good luck

      p & j



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