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    Thread: Police Checks

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      Police Checks

      Hi again,
      I have today completed our ACRO police checks and we have our medicals booked for Friday.

      On one of the pages it asks if you have ever had any cautions, warnings, convictions etc and if you think these are spent please give details on continuation page.

      Both my husband and i when we were much younger and very foolish we were both a different times were cautioned for drunk and disorderly - this was about 14 years ago when we were 18/19 yrs old. It was only a caution and as far as I was concerned a caution is NOT a conviction.

      So on all our visa applications we have put that we have no convictions because as far as we were concerned a conviction was when you went to court and found guilty of a crime - not a caution! I have phoned ACRO and asked whether we need to put that we had a caution and they have said that we need to write it on the application form as it is classed as a conviction so all cautions and warnings are classed as convictions. However they did say that they didnt' think it would have any impact on the application.

      Our concern now is that we have put NO to convictions on our visa but infact the police record will show 'No live trace'.

      Has anyone else had a caution and put NO to convictions on their visa application? If so, did this cause any problems with the application?

      Any advice would be great. Thanks

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      Wish I could help you on this Natasha. Over here they ran an electronic fingerprint test on both my hands and all fingers. I received my PC about two weeks later stating that I was never charged with any crime. And that was it. I believe that ACRO has been wrong however but I'm not sure as 'conviction' is another matter. I think one of PIA members used to be a lawyer back in the UK and she can help you out on this. Wish I could've done more.



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